Friday, 29 April 2016

Random Intro

So, this is my second blog. The previous one ran for about 18 months and was deleted around 6 weeks ago. As I miss blogging, here I am again, a tiny, tiny voice in an enormous sea of bloggers.

Blog the First was influenced by the books and articles I read about blogging before I started. Pick a couple of things to blog about – that way you attract and hold a specific audience. Choose your tone and don’t deviate. Be consistent. Blah blah blah. I ended up with a blog where I kept things lightweight and felt I could only post about certain things in case it ‘put people off’. The irony of the situation was that it ultimately put me off. I was bored with my vanilla blog and tired of keeping up with something where I didn’t feel I could talk about the many random things that cross my mind/ path/ life.

Hence A Pocketful of Random, a place where I can talk about cosy subjects like sewing and crochet but also address other issues like mental health and BRCA1. Debate the pros and cons of a new recipe one day; consider environmental issues the next.

I might get readers. I might not. It’s just nice to have a place to ramble about the haphazard interests and influences in life.

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