Sunday, 22 May 2016

Duct tape + binbags + one good friend = . . . .

I've been trying to make my own clothes for a while now. Trying being the operative word. My attempts have been around the top/ dress area and have not been successful. There are some people out there who are a perfect match to sewing patterns and then there are the rest of us. The amendments I have discovered the hard way that I need to make are:
* sway back adjustment
* narrow back adjustment
* waist adjustment
* grading out the pattern at the hips as depending on the pattern I am 1-2 sizes bigger on my bottom half than my top half.

This ignores those standard adjustments that everyone tends to have to make. 
* lifting or lowering bust darts
* arm hole adjustments.

Up until now, I've been following the path of pattern making like so:
1. Cut pattern pieces and make toile out of old bedsheets. 
2. Mark adjustments on bedsheet, re-draw pattern pieces where required, make second toile.
3. Mark adjustments on top two, re-draw pattern pieces where required, make third toile.
4. Third toile still not right. Get fed up, put in the bin, and decide I really need to give up on the idea of making my own clothes.
5. 2-3 months later, pick a new pattern and repeat above.

I am aware that a seasoned seamstress might look at the above and tut that I gave up when I was so close - and that seamstress might have a point. It's the constant cutting and making of fabric that leads to the disheartening phase of the enterprise so in an attempt to bypass that I did some research on YouTube and called upon the aid of a good friend.

One good friend + 2 rolls of extra-long duct tape + two binbags + one carrier bag + 90 minutes = a dress form! As having a dress form professionally made costs around £150, this seemed the cheaper option, especially as I'm still not convinced I won't shelve this dream of seamstressing anyway.

The plan is to cut the pattern pieces on paper and make what adjustments I need to by fitting it to the dress form first. This should mean that I should hopefully skip making three toiles and make one which then needs only minimal altering before I can try to make a wearable garment. We will see if it's that easy!

Here's the finished item. She needs more, um, stuffing, as her bottom is not filled out to its fullest capacity. She looks a tad kinky with that high rubbery shine and I'm thinking of calling her Bettie Vader. Bettie after Bettie Page. If I need to explain the Vader nod then you are on the wrong blog.

Bettie Vader in her shiny, wipe-clean glory

Being covered in that much duct tape is an interesting experience. And a sweaty one. If you're planning to do this, high summer would be the wrong time to do it!

I cut three holes in a bin bag for my head and arms and cut up a carrier bag to provide extra layering around my neck and upper arms so I wouldn't get stuck to the duct tape. As the waist was done it became clear that the bin bag was going to keep on hitching up around my bum - that old sway back in action - and so another binbag was used to give me extra length in that area. I looked like I was off to a fetishists cocktail party. 

During the process I learnt that:
* my grumpiest cat does not like the sound or smell of duct tape and was heartily unimpressed by the whole event.
* barnacles have the longest penises proportional to their body size in the animal kingdom. This bit of fascinating info came from the friend who was taping me up. Come on, this was a girl wrapping another girl in adhesive plastic, the conversation was hardly going to be conventional!

Unimpressed grumpy cat, looking even grumpier than usual

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  1. Perfect name! I shall send you the picture I took and possibly more penis facts xx