Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Favourite Short Stories

In no particular order...
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Angela Carter

Banana Yoshimoto

Cloud Tea Monkeys
Mal Peet and Elspeth Graham

The Price
Neil Gaiman
William Faulker

Ambrose Bierce
Penelope Lively
Ruth Rendell

The Lepidoctor
Mick Jackson

At A Price
Guy de Maupassant

This is not a definitive list. I will add to as I discover more short stories.

Looking at the pictures of these writers, I feel I ought to make some comment on diversity. About half of the stories on this list I encountered at school. The other half I have acquired from picking books up at random. This post is actually the first time I have seen what some of these people look like. The majority of the authors are white and as I found many of them through my local library I find myself wondering whether there is any information available on what the statistics are on the nationality/ racial background of authors whose books are purchased by libraries. 

The stories themselves are wonderfully diverse, ranging from the mundane to the frightening, the historical to the fantastical. The Neil Gaiman story is one that terrifies me, yet I have to add it here because it is a story that has clung. The Tiger's Bride was the first story that really got me interested in those writers who re-interpret fairytales and legends. Anyone who finds the practice of capturing, suffocating and pinning butterflies macabre would enjoy The Lepidoctor; Cloud Tea Monkeys is a beautiful, colourful piece to read to and with children. The Yellow Wallpaper is required reading for anyone interested in early feminism. Hardboiled has a malignant and sinister thread woven through it.

What short stories or collections would you recommend?

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