Thursday, 30 June 2016

Craftidermy (or Craftydermy, depending on your preference)

I discovered a new word this week: Craftidermy. Or Craftydermy. Personally, I find the spelling with the 'i' more aesthetically pleasing but I'm happy being a bi-speller. It's a self explanatory term. Essentially, you swap blood guts and gore for craft materials and end up with an animal at the end of it. What I'm specifically interested in is the old trophy-head-on-the-wall look.

Do a search on the internet in general or Pinterest in particular and you can find mini ones, insect ones, Star Wars one, more Star Wars ones, peacock ones and even ones showcasing hippos with bowler hats and spectacles.The list goes on and on! There are some wonderfully creative, imaginative people out there, and judging by Etsy, Craftsy and other similar websites there's a budding audience for such things.

This array of faux taxidermy can be made with fabric, paper mache (see pictures at top of this post), felt, wool, wood, embellished skulls, buttons, sequins, plastic (see flamingo above) - whatever you have lying about. There are no rules here.

Does anything scream CLASS quite so well as a paper mache fox head
I think not!

In my dream Tiny House, there's at least one example of craftidermy, made by my fair hands. It's a project I'd like to have a go at this year but I'm not ready to commit to a specific design or animal just yet. So many choices. So many ideas to pin on Pinterest! A search for tutorials on Google and YouTube needs to be made. There's also a book by Vanessa Mooncie with patterns for crocheting your own animal head trophies that would be worth a look, with creatures ranging from mice to lions. I haven't done any paper mache since I was a child at school so that would be enjoyable to have a go at again. Or maybe I'd like to use my English Paper Piecing skills.

Fancy getting into the festive spirit? Why not make your own faux Rudolph head!

One thing I can guarantee is that the faux taxidermy head in my dream tiny house would be brightly coloured, possibly beaded, feathered or otherwise embellished too!

Think animal arses are criminally overlooked in the world of interior decorating? 
Craftidermy has the answer!

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