Sunday, 12 June 2016

Random makes - fabric hanging planters

I don't have a huge garden. The piece out the front is a solid square but the back garden is a strip with a lump at the end, that lump made all the more inaccessible for gardening as it houses the bantam coop and run. Anyone who has experience of chickens will know that they reduce any area they have access to to dirt within weeks. Their area is currently showing some greenery but that's mainly because two of them have been broody for a couple of weeks now and the weeds are making hay while the chubby chooks stay rooted to the spot. When the girls have snapped out of their broodiness the ground will once again be viciously denuded.

It would be nice to have something attractive in that area too so I've had a go at making fabric planters that can carry plant pots and be hung from the mesh of the run. I originally planned for sweetpeas and nasturtiums for the trial run as they like tumbling but as a bit of research revealed that sweetpeas can be toxic to chickens I've stuck with nasturtiums. I'd like to prioritise those blooms that bees love so if it works this year then next year I will target those plants that are the choice of the distinguished pollinator.

This is what I've come up with for Trial 1 of the hanging planters.

I've used the same basic premise of creating the shape of the planters as I did when I drafted a pattern for home-made bin liners. One difference I made was to allow an extra half inch at the bottom. When I water these plants I'm aware that water is going to go straight through the fabric under the pot so my (perhaps cunning) plan has been to make round discs stuffed with cotton wool to help soak up some of the moisture and have it there for the roots to suck up. 

Fabric used was taken from a shirt I picked up in a charity shop for £1 a while ago because I liked the colour. The lace/ ribbon/ whatever it is I sewed to the fabric has been in my stash so long I don't even recall where it came from. I've only made two fabric planters as this is very much a trial. If it's a success I can make better looking ones next year. If I find out it's an idea that just won't work, at least I'll have given it a try.

While I was researching the idea of making fabric planters, these were some of the items that caught my eye on the interwebs:

Oh So Pretty made an inside hanging planter using recycled materials that looks pretty swish, and would be a good way to dress up a corner of the room. Dollar Store Crafts have this colourful idea for making a planter that would probably work better inside unless you were in a climate where it didn't rain too much.

Like the idea of a fabric planter for inside but want it to look far more chic than mine? Harri Wren has a how to here.

Interested in DIY planters but not interest in using fabric? Brit + Co have a fantastic post on DIY planters using all manner of items from old floppy discs, hollowed books, odd wellie boots, handbags to candelabra.