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Tiny Houses

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Ever heard of Tumbleweed Houses? Or Tiny House Magazine? If you have then you know about the Tiny House movement.

Basically, it's about people downsizing the space in which they live in. And when I say downsizing I mean downsizing. The statistics I've found are mainly American because that's where (I think) the movement really got going but the drop in size of housing for the tiny house ladies and gents is from the 2,500 square feet range down to the 400 square feet range and smaller. People are making the choice to live in such significantly reduced living quarters for diverse reasons - finance, environmentalism, simplicity, minimalism, greater freedom to move around when the mood takes them - the list goes on.

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To some people, I imagine this is a horrible idea that they couldn't countenance. I love it. I don't think I will ever have a tiny house but it doesn't stop me from having a board on Pinterest to sigh over tiny house ideas and for daydreaming about having one. The majority of people I have read about who have the tiny house lifestyle do not have children at home. They are either consciously child-free or their sons and daughters have grown up and have lives of their own. I'm not saying that it would be impossible for a family to have the tiny house lifestyle but I think personal space can be pretty important for children and I don't know how much of that a tine house would afford them.

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Why do I find tiny houses so appealing?

Think of the reduction in housework! You could do it ALL - hoovering, dusting, bathroom cleaning, the lot - in a couple of hours! You try to tell me that wouldn't be a plus and I won't believe you. Unless you are the person in your household who doesn't do the housework. And then I will stick my tongue out at you.

Lily Duvall's tiny house interior, courtesy of Tiny House Living

The incentive to cease the tide of accumulation is a big one. The physical realities of the space available would mean that I might actually have the strength NOT to go in to charity shops and get more books and CDs and DVDs and clothes etc. I'm not a massive hoarder as it is but I still buy things on occasion that I don't really need. I own at least 100 DVDs, many of which I haven't watched in the last 3 years at least.

Lily Duvall's tiny house again

A tiny house would tie in with my desire to own less and for the possessions I own to mean more. With a tiny house, I might have space for maybe 10-20 DVDs and so I would be able to be ruthless and whittle things down. Same with CDs and books, and that doesn't even take in to account the face that I could go digital with a lot of physical possessions I own currently.

From Tiny House for Us - and yes that IS a hot tub!
I will never be able to  afford to own a 'standard' house. The cost of housing in the UK is prohibitive for the first-time buyer who has no backing from helpful parents/ relations/ friends. A tiny house? Now that I might be able to manage on my income.

A tiny house means tinier bills. Tinier needs. Less items that would need to be fixed/ replaced/ repaired. Tinier bills means the amount I need to earn would be less, meaning that I might be able to 'buy back' more of my life by dropping down to working 3 days a week, maybe even 2, oh heady luxury!

The Yellow Tiny House by the Bay, Tiny House Town

The movement is not as popular in the UK as in the US, I think because there are vast tracts of America where the weather is nicer around the year than in the UK. There is a Tiny House UK website if you're interested in learning a bit more.

My husband has zero interest in tiny houses. He hasn't gone quite so far as to use the description 'my idea of hell' but that's mainly because I've avoided having a proper conversation with him which would give him the excuse to say that! Everyone has to have a daydream venue they retreat to in their heads when real-life is being a pain in the behind and a distraction is required. My fictional tiny house is one of mine. 

This one is even modelled on a frikkin dragon!

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