Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Faux Moths

The work of Mr Finch

I'm sure the majority of people who start filling their dream home in their heads begin with practical things like furniture, wallpaper, curtains, crockery - that kind of thing. Not me, apparently. I seem to be spending the time I devote to making my fictional home my own by working out what I could make to go in it.

As well as a craftidermy animal head, my dream tiny house is also going to have a hand-made embroidered moth somewhere about the place.

One of the many beauties on Pinterest

This is another example of faux taxidermy and some of the examples that you can find on the interwebs are so incredibly intricate and beautiful that those who make them are correct in calling them fabric sculpture.

Yumi Okita has made some glorious embroidered moths, ones I doubt I could ever have the skill to make myself.

One of Yumi Okita's amazing moths

Unlike my putative craftidermy animal head, I would go for muted colours with a moth, natural neutrals with the odd bit of colour here and there, not so much a splash as a speck. I'd also like to use natural fabrics where I could, maybe suede and leather offcuts. Hmm. Lots to consider.

Another Pinterest find

I would of course have to check whether or not any of my friends had mottephobia when inviting them over, and remember to tuck my creation out of sight for their sake. As my dream tiny house is just that, a dream, I can't see this ever being an issue in the real world. Though for the record while the craftidermy head would stay where it was put my moth would be a mobile installation that I would endeavour to move about the place to give it different vantage points.

Moth by Blue Terracotta

I don't know how much storage space my dream house would have but I would be very tempted to make some mothballs to stash about the place here and there :)

Mothballs. Get it. 

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