Monday, 25 July 2016

Nice Knockers

Recognise this guy? If not, go watch Labyrinth.

What kind of knocker will my dream tiny house front door have? (Seriously, guys, I am giving thought to practically EVERY detail of this dream house. There will probably be a post on toilet roll holders, toothbrush mugs and tea towels. You have been warned.)

Thanks to the film Labyrinth my knocker will not be some kind of animal with a ring through it's mouth or ears. I tend to look at inanimate objects with an anthropomorphic bias and would consider it cruel. I once saw a large stone gate where the gate posts were elephants twined in very uncomfortable looking stone chains and it made me dislike the house intensely as this seemed such an unnecessarily cruel thing to have at the borders of a home.

I do love a good bit of dragon, and this Guardian at the Gate door knocker from Medieval Collectibles is pretty impressive.

A dragonfly is another option, with the knocker part being the tail and not the head.

I like the idea of a nice brassy bee but I am aware that some people have phobias about bees and might be repelled rather than charmed by a giant stinging insect on the door. True, this is my dream house, but in my dream house my friends are always welcome and I'm willing to compromise on things here and there to keep things comfortable.

Koi/fish door knockers are also on my rader, like this one from Vicenza Designs. Unlike the other ideas above, this one would have a feeling of movement rather than stillness, and I like the rippling curve of the body, the fins and the scales.

What I'd really like to find and can't is a knocker based on the Muppet's Christmas Carol where the face of Jacob Marley's dead partner, played by Statler, appears on the door. But maybe that's a bit too creepy?

Best pic I could find.

This colourful parrot one would not make the cut because it might clash with the already busy stained glass panel of the front door but I am glad it's out there in the world

What my knocker most definitely will not be.

Who the hell picks a severed hand as a doorknocker? Obviously someone who didn't watch loads of horror films in their teens and therefore has no idea that this kind of thing is just waiting to come alive at the conjunction of certain planets and do evil things.

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