Sunday, 24 July 2016

Stained glass for the Tiny Home

In my dream Tiny House there would be a couple of stained glass windows. 

In the wall above my bed there is a circular window. I haven't quite made up my mind on what it will contain exactly but I'm thinking either something like the sun piece in this image:

From Pinterest
or this:

I just love the idea of lying in bed and having all those lovely warm colours playing on my skin when the sun shines in. In the winter especially just the sight of them would be comforting, and a reminder of sunnier times ahead.

Not a window, but a lovely circular design nonetheless

The other stained glass window would be in the door. Different colours. I'd need to make sure that the door was facing the sun for part of the day so the pattern could splash all over the floor.

I think I'd like a scene, a patchwork of green meadows under a blue sky, or waves at sea, or a palm tree on a tropical island. 

Lovely colours and curving lines

Or maybe I'd like flowers or trees.

Not quite colourful enough perhaps but these magnolia are beautiful

Or maybe birds

Not right for a front door panel? Might have to find a place for it elsewhere then . . .

The colours of this one are too similar to the sun one that will be in my fictional bedroom but I do love this pattern

Not stained glass but I had to add it as I do like the way the different types of glass fit in to the cobweb pattern

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