Wednesday, 10 August 2016

My dream book nook

In my dream house, there must be books. Even with space at a premium, they will very definitely have a place. As the whole house will have a cosy theme, the book nook will have cosiness as an automatic feature!

I once had a dream where Keanu Reeves built me my dream book nook - what a lovely man. 

In a standard sized house, this is classed as a built-in bookshelf.

Natural light is a requirement. No stained glass in that window.

One wall of the compact space filled with shelves; one wall flat so I could pile up the pillows and lean against it.

No space for this big chair in my tiny house, but look at all that natural light. Perfect use for a tiny spare room in a house.

No space for a chair, but space for a lovely thick mini mattress which invited snuggling for a satisfying bout of book reading just as much as a big comfy chair would.

Now, with limited space I know I'd need to be a bit ruthless with books but I could surely manage more than this.

I'd want a windowsill on which to rest drinks and snacks. I think one of the things on the bookshelves would need to be a snack box filled with goodies to nibble.

Now this idea I love! Space for storage underneath so ticking the tiny house need to use available space sensibly, and those shutters are a delightful touch - you could shut yourself off in your own reading den.

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