Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Perfect Recipe Book for the Tiny House

Considering the fact that my previous post was about how I would make space in my dream tiny home for books, it might be considered a bit of an odd follow-up to post on a type of book I would NOT find space for.

I don't know what your success rate with recipes is but maybe 1 in 10 of the ones I try end up as keepers, and by that I mean meals that feature in my diet every month or so. This means that for every cookery book on my shelf currently - and these aren't the tiniest type of books anyway - only 10% of those books are taking up worthwhile space. Consider the fact that I don't think I have sat down and worked my way through any of the cookbooks I have from cover to cover and this percentage drops even further. I currently live in a house where there is space for a shelf of cookery books but I itch to cull them down by at least half. My husband does not agree and so they remain.

Image taken from Homedit
In the tiny kitchen of my tiny house, there would be no cookery books. If I got really nostalgic for the feel of a proper cookery book, there's always the library to provide that feeling in temporary form. Every inch of space in a tiny kitchen is at a premium. Everything needs to justify its presence by being useful. 

To be clear, I do love cooking. I enjoy trying new things and finding new recipes. With websites like Pinterest, cookery books have become obsolete for me. When I fancy cooking something different or have ingredients to use up my first stop is Google rather than my cookery book shelf.

Having said that, do I like working on a recipe from a tablet screen? 


I am not one of life's neat chefs. Food gets flung about. Flour bursts into the air in unexpected arabesques. Sauces spatter. Hands get sticky. A paper copy of a recipe is essential in this kind of environment. Gobbets of food don't enhance mechanical equipment - the marks and scuffs on a paper recipe somehow give it charm and recommendation.

The title of this post refers to the Perfect Recipe Book. This Book would be a repository for all those recipes I had tried and loved. It would also, you've guessed it, enable me to get crafty and make it unique.

I envisage a plain A5 hardback notebook. Colour of cover irrelevant as the first thing I would do is sew up a snazzy fabric cover to make it mine.
Found here - a repository for sweet treats?

I think I'd start with savoury at the front, sweet at the back, maybe allowing a couple of pages at each end for random stuff like cooker temperature conversions and how long it takes to boil an egg and steam peas.

From Supercutetilly. Not quite a foodie cover but I like the 'make something good TODAY' sentiment and the design could easily be tweaked to incorporate edible things

I think there'd also be a pocket of some kind worked in to the fabric which I could put post-it notes and page marker items in so I could easily find those favourite recipes.

From the Agniezska-Scrappasion blog - if you are a fan of scrap booking have a look here, some fabulous stuff

Being fabric, I could easily wash the cover, or if it got so hideously mangled through cooking stains that it wasn't worth the cleaning I could make another one.

Country Kitty binder cover

So, there you go. The Perfect Recipe Book in my dream house would contain recipes that worked, could be regularly added to and would be able to justify every inch of space it took up. 

Nothing to stop me making a start on it right now really . . .

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