Sunday, 4 September 2016

What would your Wheel of Life look like?

Ever heard of the Wheel of Life? I first came across the term about 15 years ago and it's something I come back to time and again. 

A simple search on Google with the phrase 'Wheel of Life' will yield a wide variety of interpretations.


The basic premise is that the Wheel divides your life into areas that are pertinent to you. You can rate yourself between 0-10 in each area, the ultimate goal being to raise your personal rating in those areas you want to do better at.

There is no one ultimate Wheel. I know when I first picked up the template, I went away and drew up my own, ditching some of the sections that weren't that relevant, bringing in others. If you were at school or university, for example, you'd have a section of the Wheel for that. If you had a lot of pets, you'd no doubt have a slice for animals.

I don't personally have a ratings system on my own Wheel. I use it more as a reference. I go round it, and make a list of goals I want to achieve or things I want to make time for.

Diagram above from here

I've gone all snazzy with my latest Wheel. I've kept copies of previous ones, mainly out of interest for what was important in my life in the past and how things have moved on and changed, and those copies are hand-drawn or very basic computer models, fraying, and in one case practically torn through on the fold. I decided it was time for some colour.

I could have been spending time on housework but instead decided to invest it in creating this bright item instead.

I'll use this over the next year, returning to it every few months. In a year or two it might need changing. Who knows what design skills I will have by then!

Everyone has different interests and priorities - I imagine if you got a group of your friends together and you all brainstormed your own Wheel no two Wheels would be identical. Your Wheel might have 6 sections, or it might have 20. 

I know that having my Wheel helps me remember what I want to give time and energy to. 

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