Sunday, 30 October 2016

October Makes - Part 2

This has been a good month for getting projects done that I've had in my mind for a while.

I spent a long weekend up in Lincoln visiting family. For ages I have been meaning to make a small pencil case for trips away and the night before I was due to go I finally got round to it! By the time I made this I had finished listening to the third Hitch Hikers book and moved on to So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish - which, FYI, is my favourite of the five book trilogy.

This is the neat side of course. On the other the blocks did not line up quite so neatly.

Some cheeky pink and white polka dot lining with strawberries . . .

As part of making a mobile for my friend's baby, I have been trying a number of crochet flower tutorials and FAILING MISERABLY at each one! The fifth one I tried I finally struck gold - or, more importantly, a pattern I could follow and that looked like a flower at the end of it! Big thanks to simplydaisy for her simple crochet rose tutorial.

Another New Hexagon piece, this one is called Sonja in the book. Getting to the point in the book where I'm now skipping here and there in the book rather than doing them chronologically as some of the blocks I'm coming to now have really fiddly little pieces that I'm not entirely looking forward to doing. Mock the Week re-runs provided the entertainment while I worked on this.

I've discovered a new EPP quilt pattern, the Quatro Colour by Sue Daley. Live a Colourful Life has posted some lovely blocks. Thus far, I am resisting having a go at this new block as I currently have four EPP quilts on the go at the moment.

I've been meaning to make a mug rug for my spare room for months now and finally got round to it yesterday. Weeks ago I was playing around with some new Paddington print fabric and made a couple of patchwork pieces with it that I then had no idea what to do with, and decided they would be perfect for a mug rug project. The front is pretty neat and I'm pleased with it. The back . . . not so much, hence no photo! Made with Penelope Keith reading A Spoonful of Poison in the background.

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