Saturday, 12 November 2016

A Christmas Tree for a Tiny House

Tiny House Christmas Ideas

Though the chances of me ever having my dream tiny house are slim to none (and slim just left town) it doesn't stop me daydreaming about it, as evidenced in other posts. As the festive season approaches I find myself wondering about what it must be like to have a tiny house at Christmas. Obviously, inviting all the family over for a big Christmas dinner is an impossibility but that doesn't mean that Christmas itself is off limits in a reduced space.

With a small space, storage is always a priority. A plastic Christmas tree requires a box, requires packing away, requires storage space. In a tiny home that isn't something I could justify. I'm also not fond of the idea of cutting down a living tree just to have it on display in a house for a month before chucking it out - and with a real tree there's the added implication of shedding needles and cat attacks. However, a box of Christmas decorations would be fine and something I'd feel I could justify the space for. 

With this in mind I think wall trees are the way to go for my dream tiny house.

The colour tones here are a little subdued for me but this is the kind of idea.
This tree has seagulls on, which I find random and endearing :)

I'm not a fan of tinsel (another cat related no-no), but I do like me some fairylights.

I also love the decorations they have in PaperChase each year but the tree I use is quite small and those big, heavy items would look very odd. On a wall tree, they would be perfect! My tiny house is not going to be an especially mature, elegant, grown-up place anyway so I can finally get to have a tree plastered with mermaids, foxes in tutus, sequined hotdogs, unicorns, flamingoes and lots of other tasteless fun things!

This is more colourful but lacking flashy light bling and a bit too
symmetrical for my liking. I like mismatched chaos on a tree.

So, my current daydream is that I would put lots of hooks on a space on the wall. At Christmas time, they would hold a variety of Christmas decorations and strands of fairylights. For the rest of the year I could use the hooks to hang other useful things.

Ah, dream tiny house. You're coming on a treat!

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