Friday, 4 November 2016

A Tiny Door for a Tiny House

This is a follow up from my recent post on gnome doors - it appears there are people who set up little doors inside their actual homes instead of/ aswell as the outside world! These have a variety of names from Urban Fairy to Tooth Fairy to Elf Doors. Thank you Pinterest for this discovery. The pic above can be found here.

It's another type of random decoration that I would include in my dream Tiny House. In a home that features craftidermy and at least one fabric insect, a tiny door would be commonplace!

This door is both whimsical and practical, serving as a plug cover 

In theory, the installation of such a door would be simple enough. Have a look on the internet and you'll find that Etsy, Ebay and Amazon all stock dollshouse doors - and I bet there are other smaller websites that specialise in miniatures where you could find even more variety.

This Etsy investment would be a lot less freaky than the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon

I wouldn't have one with a working light or anything that high tech, though I am delighted to find that other people have fitted their urban elf doors with just that.

From the What Will We Do Today? blog, complete with working light

I wouldn't go too heavy with the detail. The picture below is taken from a Daily Mail article and a lot of thought and energy has been given to the scene beyond it as you can see. Lovely to think people have that attention to details, though the weird mice sculptures are a little creepy for me. In my Tiny House, there wouldn't be space for me to put anything behind the door anyway!

I like the idea of a postbox and a welcome mat but think that would be a bit heavy on the clutter, and small items like that not affixed to anything would likely get destroyed by whatever cat I had about the place in a way that a door glued to a wall hopefully would not. I don't even think I could get away with bunting, and a ladder wouldn't last long with feline curiosity either.

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