Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Bug Hotels

A couple of weeks ago I had an especially trying morning at work. For my lunch hour I opted for a walk in a local park to try and bring some equilibrium to my vexed mind. There was a group of people there showing passersby how to make hedgehog homes and bug boxes. What you made you could take away for a small donation. I didn’t pay much attention to the hedgehog homes but the bug boxes were made of second hand and scrap wood. This appealed to my love of recycling and repurposing. Also, I was thinking of adding a bug hotel to my Christmas list and here was an opportunity to make one myself for £3! Bargain!

I'm hoping the bug hotel will offer a possible home to bees and ladybirds – preferably native ladybirds but I’ve no idea how you’d enforce that kind of thing!

You can find some lovely ideas for hanging hotels here and if you really have a lot of space to spare you can upgrade to a bug mansion. I imagine this would be a good project if you had children interested in nature.

The bug hotel was finally installed in the garden this weekend. Difficult to take a picture of where it is and I don’t know if this is the right place for it but it is the only place in my garden that I can put it up. I’ll check it again in late spring and see if there’s any evidence of winter lodging.

Do you have space in your garden for a bug hotel?

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