Monday, 14 November 2016

Cross Stitch Doodles

Can you doodle in cross stitch? Not entirely sure you can but as I am focussing on small pieces that's what they feel like - doodles. I have no appetite for huge labour intensive projects. I already have quilts on the go and other sewing commitments that require hours rather than minutes so cross-stitch is wedged into a small piece of my creative time pie.

When I first got into cross stitch 15+ years ago there wasn't much in the way of stuff on the internet but now there's tons out there. Etsy has loads (the pic at the top of this post was adapted from one found there) and Pinterest has hundreds if not thousands of piccies to inspire.

This Labyrinth inspired fellow is also based on an Etsy find,
adapted to fit in a fridge magnet
A couple of months ago, a friend at work gave me a huge bag of cross stitch supplies that she didn't need any more, so I tend to adapt whatever patterns I like to the colours and fabrics I have at my disposal to use. The cat below was originally black with yellow eyes and books of different shades.

What am I going to do with all these projects? I'm not sure. The current hazy plan knocking about in my head is to make a bag to keep my cross stitch bits in and cover it with all these pieces.

There's a treasure trove of geek patterns out there, from Pacman to Star Trek. Donna Kooler was one of the major players in cross stitch books when I was in my early twenties - the pumpkin below is taken from one of her books. I've been out of the cross-stitch loop for so long I don't know who are the movers and shakers these days but I think I'll have have a softspot in my heart for a bit of Kooler nostalgia.

Cross stitch has got significantly saucier. Swearing in stitches is de rigueur with some pieces being very elaborate, others happy to drop the F-Bomb in a more discreet fashion.

And there's the incredibly mature, profound statements you can make with your stitching, like the framed example below that was made to go on my bathroom door.

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