Monday, 7 November 2016

Paul Temple: the drinking game

I love a bit of Paul Temple on the radio (thank you BBC iPlayer Radio app) but I can't deny that there are certain plot devices that come up again and again in these crime dramas that ran from the thirties to the sixties.

If there were such a thing as the Paul Temple drinking game, players would need to take a swig every time the following happened:

  • Paul says, 'by Timothy'.
  • Steve says, 'Paul, be careful'.
  • Someone expires in the presence of Steve and/ or Paul and gives them a cryptic message - rather than actually giving them a name which would be much more useful!
  • Paul and Steve are run off the road.
  • One of the suspects is impersonated to lure Paul/ Steve into a trap.
  • Paul is about to tell Steve his theory or idea on something when he is interrupted by a ringing phone/ knock at the door.
  • Someone contacts Paul to say they need to speak to him urgently and by the time he finally gets round to meeting up with them they are dead.
  • Paul admonishes Steve for her 'good old intuition'.
  • Paul says 'STEVE' with urgency and anguish (often to a backdrop of fire or a bomb in the vicinity)
  • Steve buys a new hat/ dress/ coat and Paul bemoans the cost.
  • Paul Temple solves a crime the police force is incapable of solving.
By the end of a 6 part serial, you'd be wasted.

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