Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Random thoughts on gnome doors

From The Bird House

I think everyone has a couple of things they'd like to do in their lives which they know would seem weird to the majority. As a result, they tend to keep these ideas to themselves. This is one of my random desires that I am sharing.

One day, I want to design, build and install a little door among the roots of a tree in a local park for no other reason than to delight those few passersby who actually notice it. It will be tucked away, not as easy to see as the Carlton Colville mystery fairy door, and a source of childish joy for me.

I'm not alone in this desire to secrete a little door somewhere - thank you internet for connecting me to this fact!

Image taken from My Fairy Gardens

Known as gnome doors or fairy doors, there are lots for sale on the internet and for the creative-minded individuals there are how tos you can find by Googling, like this one on the Mommy Blessings blog.

I'd want to make my own, of course, rather than buy a readymade one. This is because I don't just want one to stick on the trunk of a tree. Oh no. I want it to go among the roots and gnarly oddments at the base of the tree. I want my door to be a snug fit so it looks built for the purpose.

From Farmers Market Online

That's about as far as I've got with the plan thus far. I think I'll make it out of some kind of wood, perhaps varnished but not painted. I want a simple door and not a garish one so no bright colours and cutesy names on it. I like the idea of hinges but not yet sure about a knocker more because I doubt my ability to make something that intricate. I could always raid my knocker ideas for my dream tiny house and see if any of them would suffice.

It's going to be the door of a home rather than a tiny pub. I want it to be unobtrusive and inoffensive - fairy doors have been known to cause chaos if left to spring up unchecked. 

This one from Etsy even has a tiny lion knocker!

After the door, I might move on to other things. Setting up little scenes to be discovered - or not. I love it when I catch sight of something out of the ordinary that has been left somewhere. The Bloggess has referred to it as leaving magic behind.

I don't know about you, but I'd be delighted to find a little scene like this in my local park :)

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