Monday, 26 December 2016

A Thrifty Wardrobe

I'm already planning a reading challenge in 2017. Something else I'd like to achieve is a year without buying any new clothes. The two exceptions to this rule will be knickers and shoes. The former because it's not something that's sold secondhand for obvious reasons; the latter because I can have very grumbly feet so need supportive shoes.

Where will I get my clothes from instead? Charity shops, jumble sales and clothing swaps. Cast-offs from friends and family if there is anything going in my size that I like.


I've blogged before about the perfect wardrobe and how I try to be ethical in my clothing choices where possible. The Ethical Consumer has a 20 point rating system for high street clothing shops covering environment, animals, people, politics. As you can see from this list, the main clothing retailers don't even manage a 10 out of 20.

Some tips for 2017

I'm curious to find out how easy it will be to have a year without buying new clothes. To be fair, I don't buy a huge amount of clothes anyway and in recent months it's mainly been charity shop finds, so I don't expect this to be a difficult task.

There are lots of bloggers and websites out there to look to for inspiration. Charity Shop Chic, The Thrift, Pauper to Princess, Britishette and, a favourite of mine for content as well as the name, Can't Swing A Cat.

I've also been wanting to try my hand at refashioning for a while. I have a Pinterest board stuffed with ideas on refashioning and have done sweet Fanny Adams with any of it. A year of secondhand clothes shopping should give me opportunities. I already have a strapless dress bought for £1 last summer that I want to add straps to. I'm booked on a course in April to learn how to do alterations so that should give me some useful skills.

Refashionista, doing what she does best

Refashioning is something else that some people have been blogging about for a while. Refashionista has some fantastic stuff on her blog. You can also check out Confessions of a Refashionista, and the So, Zo blog also touches on refashioning. Oh, and there's the Refashion Co-op and Carissa Knits . . . I think you get the picture! Lots of ladies making lots of amazing stuff.

A Carissa Knits special, with instructions here.

An unexpected and delightful Christmas present I opened yesterday was an upcycled gift from a friend. The jacket came from a charity shop - just take a look at the pic below to see what she has done with it to elevate it from someone's cast off to a treasured wardrobe item. Amazing. My artistic skills are not up to that level, but when checking out the clothes in charity shops in 2017 I'd like to think I will be looking for upcycling as well as refashioning opportunities. As far as my existing collection of clothes goes, I'm intending to take the opportunity to try out some garment craftivism a la golden joinery/ visible mending for any beloved items that rip/tear/get damaged and need some TLC.

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