Monday, 30 January 2017

A Balcony for a Tiny House

A new year = new ideas for my fictional dream tiny house. I'm even tinkering with the idea of building a miniature version so I can actually realise it in some form but this is perhaps more a 2018 project. 2017 is about daydreaming over the minutiae.

Today's daydream? Balconies.

Tiny townhouse with symmetrical balcony

I love a good balcony. Somewhere you can sit out with space for at least two chairs and a small table because if you had a balcony and good weather you would of course be having breakfast out in the open air. When a friend pays a visit, it's a nice place to have lunch. And it's a great place to watch the sun going down on a warm summer evening, with a glass of wine and perhaps a cat on the lap.

Balcony, log cabin stylee

Being a tiny house, would it be the kind of balcony that I could walk out of a room on to, or one that could be reached by a set of stairs on the side of the house? Hmmmm. No clear preference as yet. Is it even a balcony if it isn't attached to a room? If it were just on the roof, would it be called something else? A terrace? This is where my lack of architectural knowledge comes out.

A tiny cabin with balcony

Covered balcony or uncovered balcony? Uncovered I think - daring as that might be given the English weather. Greater exposure to sunshine, though this also means a greater exposure to rain, sleet, snow etc and thus a diminished window of opportunity to use said balcony. Whatever. Uncovered it is!

This small house is not that far away from me, located in
Aldeburgh in Suffolk

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