Wednesday, 25 January 2017

January Refashion

So. My first piece of refashioning for the year, in accordance with my thrifty wardrobe plans!

I used the dress that I bought for £1 in a Felixstowe charity shop last summer. The fabric is some kind of stretch fabric and the big, bold print and colours were impossible for me to resist. No label so I have a feeling this dress is a market stall special.

I think it was meant to be a one shoulder strap affair but the strap was the oddest scrap of fabric I've ever come across on a dress. As you may be able to tell from the picture below, it was a weirdly twisted thing with serged edges here and there. I tried wearing it all number of ways and it never laid flat or neatly so I knew when I bought the dress it would need surgery.

Sewing with stretch fabrics has not gone well for me in the past. Every now and then I toy with the idea of getting an overlocker but it would be something I use rarely and wouldn't really have anywhere to store, plus being costly for the number of times I would use it. I took a wander over to the Tilly and the Buttons website and found this helpful how to, which aided me in my time of need.

Step one - neaten the bodice and remove the dubious strap. Both were easy to do. Is it neat on the inside of the bodice? Um, not so much. But the outside of the bodice is much tidier than it was so I'm considering that a win.

Step two - add straps. Surprisingly, as I'm quite short, the dress is the right length so I didn't need to faff about with the hem. The one drawback here was that I didn't have extra fabric for the straps. I thought of getting a couple of black headbands from somewhere like Primark and turning them into straps but thought this might be against my 'no new clothes' buying rule so instead I went to a craft shop and bought a strip of black lycra.

Were the straps easy to sew? Yes. Is my work as neat as I would like it to be? It's fine on the outside but on the inside? Again, it's a bit scruffy. While I'm not overly bothered at this early stage in my refashioning attempts, I'd like to think I'll pick up some tricks on amending clothing with a greater degree of neatness by the end of the year.

Was it satisfying to do? Yes! The cost of the lycra was £1.48 and I only used half of the strip I purchased, so a new dress in my summer wardrobe for £1.74 is a bargain.

Now to decide what my next refashioning project will be . . .

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