Saturday, 21 January 2017

More Bullet Journal Ideas

I have a notepad and have made a start! In the end I spent nothing. I found another A5 book at home with narrower lines than my previous one, a magnetic closure and a pocket at the back. It was a gift, a Flame Tree Notebook, and has two ribbon bookmarks rather than the standard one. The pages are cream rather than white.

Picture from The Bullet Journal Addict

As I'm doing a reading challenge this year, I think this will be a more entertaining way of tracking my progress than just crossing off lines from a list. I like the idea of each shelf of the my bookcase filling with colour until it is complete.

From that_journal

I do enjoy watching films, though I don't tend to have the time to watch as many as I used to. Often I will borrow DVDs from friends and they will often sit next to the TV and get forgotten. If I scribble them down in my bullet journal I am more likely to be reminded they are there waiting.

Paper & Pin how to

While a bullet journal does have an index, I like the idea of making up these kind of markers for specific pages I know I will be returning to again and again over the coming months - like the book challenge spread as mentioned above. I could use washi tape for these markers but think it likely I will also have a go at making some with ribbons, thread and fabric. I've never made a tassle before, so this would be a perfect excuse to try that. Or a mini pompon marker! The urge to accessorise with craft is upon me . . .

From The Vision Guide

I am not very good at drawing and that's something I've been wanting to improve for decades. What else will a bullet journal provide me with? An excuse to doodle! Pinterest if FULL of easy, quick ideas for doodles. I'm drawn to those with cats, trees, flowers, household objects . . . well, let's be honest, lots of different types as evidenced by my Pinterest Bullet Journal Ideas board.

What have I learned thus far from my relatively short experience in bullet journalling?
  • The paper in Flame Tree Notebooks is thin. I can see dark biro through it. I now see why doing research on notepads with thick paper is a must. I still balk a bit at spending £20 on a notebook but as I often have a hard time thinking of things to ask people for around my birthday this could be a perfect way of getting my mitts on a Leuchtturm1917 without buying it myself. I'm thinking an orange one would be good . . .
  • I can't draw for shit. But I am enjoying trying! While I doubt that practice will make perfect in my case, repetition will hopefully improve on my basic skill.
  • I love the index. I've never used an index in a notepad before and it's just a genius idea - thank you Ryder Carroll!

My favourite page so far is the one I have created to track the remaining blocks I need to do for my Katja Marek New Hexagon project. I cut out a couple of colourful recipe pictures and used my hexagon hole punch to cut the number of pieces I needed.

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