Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Planning my First Bullet Journal

I'm a stationery geek and have been for as long as I remember. I'm also a serial list-makerCombine these two facts and it stuns me that I only heard about bullet journalling for the first time on 15th January. Of all the random, irrelevant stuff Facebook has flung at me over the years, this is the one gem I have come across.

With articles out there with titles like 8 Swoon-Worthy Notebooks for Bullet Journaling you know the kind of crowd you're talking to. I discovered that a friend of mine keeps a bullet journal and she uses the Gold-standard of bullet journals, the Leuchtturm 1917. Notepads with dots or squared or plain paper seem to be preferred, offering more freedom than lines. With this in mind the Argenzio grid notebook from Paperchase could be suitable. Moleskine notebooks appear to be another popular choice.

Though these notebooks look delicious, £12-£20 is a lot of money for a notebook. Or, more accurately, £12+ is a lot to spend on a notebook if bullet journaling proves to be a flash in the pan for me. On Sunday, I did make a start setting up an A5 notebook I already had in the house but after a short while I realised that the lines on the paper were too wide for the detail I wanted and some of the pages you're advised to set up in the various 'begin your bullet journal' articles and vlogs were ones I didn't think I'd use.

So. My goal at the moment is to come up with an idea of what I want in my bullet journal and to source an A5 notepad that doesn't cost more than a Subway meal deal. While I recognise that a bullet journal will be an evolving thing and the practical keeping of one will mean I evolve what I want from it and what I need it for, I think it's better for me to start off with an idea of what I think I want from it and a low-cost set up.

Here are some of the ideas I've come across in my Pinterest and Google questing that I'll be incorporating.

Above picture from this article on Bullet Journal ideas

I love the idea above - not so much the meal prep one, but drawing a border on a page and using a post-it note for the list. While certain things like goals achieved are things I would like to look back on, revisiting an old list of household chores would have no benefit for me. Using a post it and replacing it when needed is perfect. I have a lot of post-its. Even when I don't buy them for myself, I tend to get at least two packs from friends at Christmas. Too often the bigger ones gets overlooked but here's a genuine need for me to whip out those Paperchase delights and get them used.

Picture from Sublime Reflection

A monthly gratitude log. That would be an upbeat thing to look back on. While I tend to think about what I'm grateful for at the end of the day I don't write anything down so some items - like the robin serenading (or swearing at?) me while I fed the chickens at the weekend - might end up being forgotten if I don't write it down.

Image taken from here

This is one of those ideas I'd adapt so instead of one jar I'd have a couple dotted about on a page to show saving for a variety of things. I want to attend a training course this summer which will cost £400+ and I'm saving for that; I've not been to Brighton and would like to get away there for a long weekend in later summer so that's something else to focus my put-away pennies on. I respond well to visuals and I have a pack of Bic Conte colouring pencils I rarely use so it would be another example of a bullet journal prompting me to use my stationery while giving me a sense of achievement.

Picture from Bojo Berry

A monthly tracker is something I'd like to try but I'm not entirely sure I'd keep up with it. The visuals would be useful for me to check out how often I make things, upload stuff to my Etsy shop, manage my 5 a day - that kind of thing. Would I return to it every day to update it? Hmmm, not sure. It needs to be tried and tested.

If anyone reading this is a bullet journal addict/ aficionado/ advanced expert then I'd welcome any tips for a newbie like myself. If you've only been doing bullet journalling a short while and have some ideas, that would be groovy too. 

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