Saturday, 14 January 2017

Reading Challenge: A Book with a Cat on the Cover

This is a very English book. How to explain what I mean by that? Well, take the premise of an evil, murderous, devil-worshipping cat with eternal life cutting a bloody swathe through those who stand between him and his long-lost companion and imagine how different people might handle it. Were someone to take the idea and turn it into a book aimed at teenage girls, you'd have a vulnerable-but-strong heroine and a moody hero perhaps. Giving it an action slant and setting it in America, the hero might be square jawed, ex-services, and the cat would be pure evil with no nods to English Literature. As it is, this story is set in England with a number of unlikely protagonists from the floppy-haired and instinct-lacking Wiggy to retired librarian Alec who doesn't realise that a hearty meal is recommend before a showdown with the forces of darkness.

This story is told in prose, emails and screenplay sections. The main narrators are Wiggy and Alec so it’s mostly first person. Casting suggestions for Roger, the lead talking cat, are discussed - without wanting to give spoilers, it's decided that an actor known for playing James Bond would suffice. The book begins with Alec getting away from his home shortly after the death of his beloved wife. During his time away, he reads through some documents sent to him by a man who knew his wife which provide information on a talking cat and his evil creator. People are pawns in a story of two cats who were once friends and are now enemies. Alec finds himself drawn into the mystery, bodies (human and non-human) start piling up and events take him to a showdown in the country where evil cats may or may end up extinguished from the world.

I mentioned English literature above and there's lots of references to Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre and other classic works. These gave the book a lot of charm. In spite of the subject matter, the story is humorous in places and I laughed out loud a number of times. It's worth saying that some of the deaths (again, human and non-human) are pretty grisly so don’t pick up this book expecting fun, fun, fun all the way. This is the first book I have read as part of the challenge that I intend to buy.

If you like cats, I would recommend this. If you believe all cats are inherently evil and mean no good to the human race then I'd recommend it to you too as this book will support you in your view.

9 out of 10 cats (Moneypenny kindly posing for evil cat photo)

Are you undertaking the #popsugarreadingchallenge?

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