Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Recent Makes

A birthday gift for my sister - she needed a pencil case specifically for her colouring pencils and I got to use this retro print fabric I bought a couple of months ago.

I made myself a needlebook specifically for my sewing machine needles. While I use a fresh new needle for each big new project, I prefer to use older needles for practice pieces so I get as much wear out of them as I can.

The numbers printed on the side of the needles are very small, so I have idiot-proofed my needlebook by printing the numbers big and bold on each 'page'. Made four other needlebooks to go on my Etsy shop, in case anyone else out there feels the need for such a specific needlebook. They were nice little projects to sew 😊

Can't remember now if I was given The New Hexagon for Christmas 2015 or for my birthday last year - whatever, it has proved to be a fantastic present, still giving me things to do months later. I've been cutting new templates for the pieces and working on new blocks.

The pic below is of a fox scarf I made for a friend for Christmas and haven't been able to post about for obvious reasons. Didn't use a specific pattern, made one up to create this crochet critter.

I'm working on my first refashion project of 2017. Picked up this book in the library today which I think will help me with other future projects.

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