Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Bullet Journal Inspiration

This far in to my bullet journal experience (23 days) I'm finding it quite a useful learning experience.

I've learned that I need to refine my to do lists. I have a habit of creating ENORMOUS lists that I am very unlikely to have the time to get done in a day. A lot of the things I write down don't even need to be done then and there. This isn't helpful when I sit down at night and feel a bit overwhelmed/ disappointed by all those things I haven't got done, look to move them on to other days and realise I won't have time to do them then either!

From Christina77star on Instagram

Answer? Brain Dump pages in the journal. When I realise I have something to do, it doesn't need to be done urgently but I don't want to forget it - onto a brain dump page it goes. Too early to tell if this will streamline my to do list but it will definitely make them less cluttered. So, when I think of a craft idea that I'd like to try, that goes on the page marked 'craft'. When I have a genius idea for a gift to buy/ make for someone, onto the 'birthday' spread it goes. I'm afraid I seem to have far too many notes to dump from my brain to fit them all neatly on one page as the example above shows.

From Sublime Reflection

I started off not liking the weekly spread idea because of how limited the space was and now enjoy using the format for that very reason. To quote one of my favourite YouTube vlogs on Bullet Journals:
it's good if space is limited because you know what else is limited? Your time. 
I limit the number of to dos I give myself, meaning I focus on doing the ones that need to get done and I most want to get done.

From helloiamprince on Instagram

In terms of monthly goals, I'm thinking that a year overview would be useful. Not of everything as that would be so cluttered but of those areas where I am purposely trying to move things along. A visual road map would be very helpful. The pic above comes the closest to what I have in mind.

I'm barely a month in and I'm amazed at the huge range of diverse ideas people have when it comes to bullet journals. I look forward to gathering more ideas/ seeing more amazing ideas as the months go by.

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