Sunday, 26 February 2017

Bullet Journals: The Weekly Spread

Ah, the weekly spread! Or the weekly log depending on your preference. So many ideas out there. And why stick to just one? Unless, of course, you have one that works perfectly and you have no need to change it.

Some, like tinyrayofsunshine's, are deliciously minimalist. Others are buoyantly busy. Some track everything from shopping lists to sleeping patterns. Some focus on the daily task list. In short, there's a lot of choice out there and more than a couple of blogs posts on weekly spread ideas.

I change mine often, mainly because I'm still new to using a bullet journal and there are so many formats to try I don't feel the need to limit myself to just the one. I can't actually see me ever settling down and committing to a monogomous relationship with a single lay-out. New ideas pop up on Pinterest and Instagram all the time and I enjoy trying new things to see if the ideas that work for someone else will help me streamline my life that little bit more.

I have three colouring books, one I bought, the others were given as gifts. I have completed maybe 5 pages in total and at the rate of completion (about 2.5 pages in a year) those colouring books seemed doomed to sit about, beautiful but unused. BuJo to the rescue! I've taken to cutting out panels and pieces from the colouring books and adding to my weekly spreads as an excuse for me to do some relaxing colouring without having the pressue of an entire book to complete.

I've also set aside space for doodles in a weekly log and have a stash of different doodling ideas saved on my Pinterest board for mini projects.

What new things am I going to be using for my March spreads?

From @scarboroughplanner on Instagram

In my first bullet journal post I mentioned habit trackers. I liked the idea but was doubtful I would use them regularly. This prediction has come to pass (see first pic in this post). I started with a monthly tracker, then used a weekly tracker format but though I would start a week and diligently complete the boxes by the end of the seven days I was off track. The reason? Much as I would love to read every day, write every day, eat my recommended fruit and veggies, do housework . . . the truth is that I just don't have time. Or, rather, I choose to give my time to other things. If my day at work has been very busy, I'm unlikely to have the energy or the motivation to do much when I get home. Other nights, I might have an idea for a crafty thing I want to try which then gobbles up the time available. I'm relatively busy on weekends and days off so while the sun might rise on a day seemingly packed with hours a lot of those hours are spoken for. I would like to feel like I'm achieving something each day though - how to do it without feeling the monotonous pressure of the habit tracker? Bingo could be the answer.

As you can see, I'm not talking about the legs eleven style bingo. I'm planning on using a simple grid system attached to each day of the week, and will aim to fill it from a list of options (like reading, writing, 5-a-day etc). You can see from the pic above that some people have a reward system in place - not sure if I'll adopt that or not. I'm hoping this will be a more dynamic way of encouraging good habits.

From @showmeyourplanner on Instagram

I'd also like to incorporate a meal planner for the week in my spread. Do a search under 'meal planner bullet journal' on Google or Pinterest and you'll see some very hefty lay-outs. I like the one above as all I really need is a place to note the main meal of the day.

I've set up a couple of weeks with the new ideas so will see how they work out.

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