Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Harry Potter and Bullet Journaling

Harry Potter fans are everywhere. How could they not be, when the books and the film franchise have been such a massive hit? There are some bullet journalers out there who have incorporated their love for Hogwarts et al into their bujos.

They use HP-themed drawings to chart progress.

From here

They style the front pages of new months with HP artwork.

From Pinterest

They pay homage to their favourite lines from their favourite characters.

From here - from a Wreck This Journal rather than a bullet journal
but it's within the journal family so I'm happy to include it. Plus, this
quote gets me right in the feels.

They set goals using imagery from the films.

From Instagram

For those who love to devote a page or two to a memorable quote, Rowling has plenty to offer.

From Instagram

Considering how many bullet journalers appear to be rabid washi tape addicts, I imagine items like this masking tape are immensely popular with that crowd too.

From Etsy

There are free Harry Potter printables for planners, and I am sure these have been adapted by bujo users.

I have no other statement to make - just fancied a gratuitous post combining two of my interests! 😉

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