Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January photos

This is the underside of a mushroom in a local park. The top of it was grey and it was huge
for a mushroom, surrounded by a batch of  equally large, grey, strong-smelling neighbours.
A wood blewit perhaps?

A photo played about with after uploading. I was trying to find a way to make
the green stand out a bit without going too lurid

Another 'post-production' experiment. 

While the photo was in full colour, I couldn't get the effect I wanted
to with this photo, hence opting for black and white to make the
shadows crisper.

While this photo is blurred, I loved the colours too much not to play
around with it and crop it to zero in on those colours. Photo then enhanced
to really bring out the brightness, the gold and the pinky-reds.

Frost always gives an opportunity for some fascinating pics. I had gone
out on an errand the day I took these and the photo below and had to go
home and get my camera to retrace my steps as I'd seen so much I wanted
to capture. The snail shell above was empty, for those concerned that a very
cold snail might have been suffering in there.

I took lots of pictures of this plant. Can't recall now if it was ivy or
rosemary, and these gnarly branches were bristling with ice crystal
quills. Fascinating to see how the ice had grown almost like a kind
of sharp-lined fungus.

Old seed heads crusted with gleaming frost. Beautiful.

I was tempted to play about with this to see what I could make of
it but then decided that I liked the shot just as it was with the sunlight
falling that way and the contrast of warm and cold colours.

A lot of my macro shots from the frost day did not pay off but I
liked this one and was pleased with the blurring of the thorns
I could get in the background.

Down by a pond, the layer of pitted ice on a puddle where the water
had receeded. This also worked as a black and white shot but chose
to share this one.

Not a very good photo per se but I loved the way the ice formed in cubes
on the bristles of this plant.

Coiling ferns, dusted with white and glittering in the morning sun.

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