Monday, 13 February 2017

Jewellery and the Minimalist Wardrobe

It's nice when you have a personal 'Eureka!' moment. I've posted before about the perfect wardrobe but I've not mentioned how jewellery fits in with this. The reason for that is I've only just come up with an answer on the subject!

Just as there are lists on the internet for what the perfect minimalist/ capsule wardrobe should contain, there are also posts about the jewellery essentials for the minimalist wardrobe and creating your capsule jewellery box. There are lists on what the jewellery collection of a minimalist should be. As with any advisory list aimed at many there will be few that it fits to perfection. 

My experience with these kind of posts is the same – I find the lists limiting and not reflective of my own personal taste. To me the the jewellery suggested is just a little too, well, grown up. What do I mean by that? Essentially, I mean the suggestions lack colour. The items they suggest are limited mainly to classic gold or silver. If your minimalist wardrobe relies on neutrals with three colours to pep it up then the jewellery advised might include something that compliments one of those three colours like a gem pendant or earrings.

A lot of my work clothes are black - I don't wear scarves much
so these beads add that little bit of fun and colour to an
otherwiseplain outfit.

What if you really like colour? What if you keep your wardrobe low on items but don't keep to any 'rules' on shades/ patterns etc? Yes, gold and silver will always work because they pretty much go with anything but if you aren't fussed about having a traditional look then they can also be boring. On the flip side, I didn’t want a different item of jewellery for each shade in my wardrobe. I thought the conundrum was unsolvable and had resigned myself to never being entirely happy with the amount of jewellery I owned. Then I visited a bead shop on an industrial estate and that changed. This shop sold European style charm bracelets, beads and charms. For a £14 outlay, I got a bracelet, a pack of 100 mixed beads and a few spacers.

In the past couple of weeks, it has become apparent that this is what I have been looking for: a versatile item of jewellery I can change each day to reflect the colours I am wearing, or inject colour if I am wearing neutrals. The space required to store the bracelet and beads is minimal. I enjoy the ritual of removing my beads at night and picking the new ones for the morning. I love playing with the colours and patterns. The potential for hundreds of combinations means this one bracelet will always feel fresh. I have finally been able to go through my existing jewellery and cut it down to a mere handful of rings, earrings and a single necklace that all have sentimental value. The rest are earmarked for Ebay/ charity shops.

You can have as many beads as you like. Pack the bracelet from tip to tail
or pick a handful to work with that day.

So, if you like to keep your wardrobe limited and want an item of jewellery you can adapt to whatever you are wearing that day, this is the jewellery I would recommend for you!

If you're someone who likes whatever you purchases to be in the expensive range, invest in items from Trollbeads, Chamilia or Pandora. If, like me, you think that £40 is a hefty amount to pay for a tiny bead then there are plenty of beads out there for less money. Have a look on Ebay under murano lampwork charm beads and you'll see what I mean. They may not be as high quality but they will do the job. It would freak me out to have £300+ worth of beads on my wrist so the lower spec suits me. If you're a minimalist with friends and family who struggle with the 'no gift' rule at Christmas and birthdays, having a bracelet like this could be a way of striking a compromise. You could ask people for beads or charms, they would feel they are now able to get you something special, and the space the gifts would take up in your minimalist life is tiny.

There are some great beads out there - all the above I
found recently on Ebay and would give a bit of character.

Like to get every ounce of mileage out of what you own? Consider making a display from your beads by using them as decoration when you aren't wearing them. It would be an easy way of giving a simple room a splash of colour and the beads would then giving the beads a dual purpose of useful/ beautiful decoration. This isn’t something I’m planning to try due to owning cats who have no respect for property. Especially, in Moneypenny’s case, sparkly property – she was quite the magpie in kittenhood though that has faded in her adult years. 

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