Saturday, 4 February 2017

Random Thoughts on Wrapping Paper

Wrapping Paper. Gift wrap. Whatever you want to call it, the majority of us use it on a regular basis. I recently ran out of birthday wrapping paper and decided that I was going to have a go at something different: personalising plain paper and using it as gift wrap. This will give me an opportunity to practice my doodling skills and make inroads into the rolls of washi tape from The Worksstickers from Paperchase and stamp kits from Tiger that I bought to satisfy my stationery addiction but have not had much actual use for. It might also give me the chance to use some fabric and buttons too.

Need some visuals to get an idea of what I'm talking about? If you insist . . .

This image is from Pinterest

We'll begin with the humble sharpie and some coloured paper. What an effective and pretty way of taking plain brown parcel wrap and turning it into something unique. It's about taking the time not only to source a gift but to make the covering for that gift something to be enjoyed too rather than just torn open and thrown away (or hopefully put in the recycling).

Want the opportunity to get the paints out and use those goggly stick on eyes you bought ages ago but never had the need to use? Why not try to make a batch of penguin paper courtesy of this tutorial from Mum in the Madhouse. This could be a great pre-crimbo activity when you know you are likely to need lots of seasonal wrap and can devote an hour or so to making up your Christmas wrapping paper. Can't bear to even think of next Christmas yet but have plenty of birthdays heading your way?Adapt the pattern, try something else. Do you have lots of interestingly shaped cookie cutters? Get inspiration from this idea to incorporate use those shapes into your gift wrap decoration.

Not bothered about decorating plain paper but do want to make a feature of how you're tying your present? Pop over to Mollie Makes for ideas on using pompoms. It would be a great way of using leftover yarn - more stash busting! Awesome! Don't have much in the way of wool but do have lots of leftover paper from scrapbooking and decoupage? How about this string of bunting idea

I was going to use the example from Pinterest above from as something you could make for a child's gift wrap but actually I can name a few adults who'd find this sort of thing fun too. You wouldn't need to be an advanced artist to be able to do this kind of thing. It just requires a little more time.

Decorating gift wrap could be a great way of involving children in giving gifts that you've bought on their behalf. By embellishing the wrapping paper, they are showing they have taken time to give something beautiful and thoughtful to someone. Not all children would want to bother with this I know but I can think of lots of friends of mine who have very creative kids who would love the excuse opportunity to throw glitter, stickers and other craft materials at something.

Below is my first attempt at gift wrap doodling. The cat and ball of wool came from Katie Can Draw. Think your drawing skills are crap? These kitties are so simple to do I bet you can succeed with them. And there's plenty more where they come from if you search 'easy doodles' on Pinterest or Google Images.

The card is home made too, with a stamp moustache and a fabric bow tie

I thought decorating gift wrap was something I'd be able to cover in one post but actually I think I've only begun to explore this creative new topic. This post is destined to have a sequel - one I will very much enjoy researching 😀

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