Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Reading Challenge: A Book with a Subtitle

I would recommend this book to anyone who has cats and who, in their heart of hearts, realises they have something of the mad cat lady about them. The story is about Caroline Paul’s quest to discover what happened to her cat during the weeks he was missing. Injured from a flying accident and fighting off depression, when Caroline's cat Tibia went missing it was a cause of additional panic and stress. Her partner Wendy supported her as best she could but it looked like the worst might have happened. Five weeks after he disappeared he returned as if nothing had happened and this is where the book really takes off.
Tibby the tentative tabby who had a far from adventurous
soul prior to his disappearance and return

The delight at Tibby’s return is soon overshadowed by a need to know where he has been and why he stayed away from home for so long when Caroline regularly sniffled her way around the neighbourhood calling his name and offering treats. As he no longer appears to be eating regular meals at home, it is also clear that someone else is feeding him in the vicinity - i.e. a Cat Thief. Caroline uses GPS, a psychic, a collar camera and an animal communication class amongst other things in her (sometimes borderline deranged) quest for answers. There are illustrations of the neighbourhood, of footage from the kitty cam and confused scrawly maps of hot pink GPS scribble. 

Feedback from the GPS tracker was not as
illuminating as Caroline had hoped it would be

There is also a fair amount of denial from Caroline. Mad cat lady that she is, she seems to be unable to grasp the underlying fundamental aspect of cat nature: namely that they are arseholes for quite a large proportion of their lives. I have two cats and I love them. I adore them. I don’t use babytalk with them but I do sometimes have a conversation with them, using distinct voices for their responses. They look at me with utter feline contempt – i.e. their standard expression. I fully recognise and accept that they are selfish little beasts whose windows of affection are dictated more by a need to leech me of warmth, to be fed by me, to be worshipped by me than they are a sign of genuine reciprocal tenderness. Does this stop me adoring them? Not one bit. 

Lost Cat is an entertaining book, peppered with amusing illustrations. It could also be seen a cautionary tale (in the most light-hearted way) of what having money in the bank and time on your hands can do in the way of encouraging obsession. Does Caroline get her answers? Is the cat thief identified and stopped? Where did Tibby spend those five weeks?

To find out the answers, you will have to read the book yourself. Preferably with a cat on your lap. 

8 out of 10 lost cats

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  1. I need to read this now!! I don't have cats(but have in the past) and I'm more of a mad dog lady(I'm needy...Lol!!) but your synopsis of this book, and my innate nosiness means I HAVE to know what happened next!!

    1. Did you get round to reading it? Hope you enjoyed it if so :)