Saturday, 18 February 2017

Something New: Negative Space Sewing

I started writing a blog post lamenting the lack of time in my life to try new things. I wrote about how my Pinterest boards were groaning; how work always got in the way; how frustrated I was that I didn't get the opportunity to sit down and do anything creative for the sake of it.

Then I got a grip and realised that rather than whine about it I could actually designate a chunk of inviolable time to do something new with. No ifs, no buts, no excuses. Tell my inner critic to sod off, that any housework not done can wait, that any 'should' tasks on the list would be there within half an hour and no worse off for it.

To sidestep the chance that I would then end up with creative block because of how much I had to choose from I decided to let random fate take over. I compiled a list, set each item down on scrap of paper, folded them up and put them in a big glass jar. When the list had reached over 70 items I stopped adding to it . . . see, I wasn't kidding when I said there was lots of stuff I wanted to try!

I rifled through the jar of opportunities with excitement. What would I end up picking first?

Taken from Here's a blog post on the subject.

The answer - negative space sewing. At least, this is what I've seen it referred to. It's a little hard to know what exactly to call it but essentially it's when you sew/embellish around the outline of something rather than filling in the inside. 

I sat down and brainstormed what I'd like to do with this and came up with three ideas:

💙 A cloud
💙 A strawberry
💙 The Cheshire Cat's head
Below are other images gleaned from the interwebs where people have used the same kind of theme and done different things with it.

From Pinterest - have lots of leftover sequins from a project? This
could be a way of using them up and making something decorative
at the same time.

From Jennie Sandford - and a wee bit above my ability level at present!

An Alice in Wonderland find on Pinterest. Nicely ties in with my
Cheshire Cat idea :)

Will post about my experiences with negative space sewing later in the week. 

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