Saturday, 18 March 2017

40 before 40

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During the last couple of months of my bullet journal journey I have come across the idea of a 40 before 40 list. My 39th birthday approaches and I'm taken with the idea of having a list of realistic things to achieve/ experience in my final year of 30 somethingness before I launch into my 4th decade of existence.

In no particular order, this is how my current list looks:

1) Take an IQ test (a friend has recently done one and I admit I'm curious)

2) Try almond milk (nice easy win there)

3) Do the research and upgrade to a better camera

4) Go to a live poetry/ short story event

5) Have a week of vegetarian food (and aim not to have cheese with every meal!)

6) Learn how to apply red lipstick

7) Have a go at making churros

8) Take a trip to Minsmere bird reserve and get some good photos

9) Go flat in public

10) Attend a festival held in one of the local parks

11) Have hair styled in victory rolls

12) Commit an act of craftivism

13) Refine wardrobe (I've been in a process of paring down my clothes for the past few years but I know there are still a couple of items lurking that I don't like/ wear. By 40 I would love to have a compact wardrobe which contains only items I use and like)

14) Build and install a fairy/gnome door somewhere

15) Ride on a segway

16) BBQ on a beach

17) Ride a horse

18) Visit Brighton (been saying I want to go there for years . . .)

19) Have a go on a climbing wall (I am not good with heights so this is a facing-my-fears kind of challenge)

20) Have a caricature drawn

21) Spend a day in silence

22) Visit a royal house in England

23) Bake a Victoria sponge (my favourite cake, and I've never made one)

24) Melt marshmallows over an open fire (something to combine with number 16 perhaps?)

25) Have something I have made exhibited in a public space

26) Go to a beer festival

27) Watch a sunrise

28) Have a go at laser quest (trying to persuade work that this would be an excellent team building exercise but for some reason they are skeptical!)

29) Visit a cat cafe

30) Take my driving test

32) Take a trip to see the northern lights

As you can see, the list is not complete (and pretty random!). I've asked friends and family for ideas, and some of the list above was inspired by suggestions from the Bullet Journal Junkies UK Facebook group. I've been given recommendations which I like very much but which I know I won't make time for next year so they are on a potential future list. I want to get a tattoo in the area of my mastectomy scar but the skin has a couple more years of healing before that's possible. I love the idea of taking part in a historical re-enactment event but don't have the first clue on how to arrange that. At some point I want to foster/adopt an animal from a local rescue - I'm not able to do that in my current circumstances so it would be unrealistic to add that just now.

I won't be able to guarantee doing everything on my list anyway - you'll note that number 32 is worded 'Take a trip to see the northern lights' as opposed to 'See the northern lights'. I can head off to Norway full of high hopes but the weather could dash them. 

How will I react if I don't get to do everything on my list? Not worry is the answer. If I can get 75% done that will be good enough for me, and anything else can be punted on to a 41 before 41 list if I fancy putting another selection of ideas together for my next birthday after 40. 

Psst, all pics used above beyond the first one were taken from Pixabay. 

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