Sunday, 12 March 2017

Bullet Journal: Dutch Doors

So, I posted before about integrating a bingo style tracker in my weekly spreads and while I liked the idea very much and used it more than the standard habit tracker, I couldn't get the lay-out right. The grids took up too much space and made a mess on the page. Leuchtturm may have the cool dotted pages but the paper is not the thickest and lines do show through. For some reason, having the grids show through has irritated me more than seeing text.

A possible answer to this conundrum? Dutch Doors.

From Sublime Reflection

Simply put, Dutch doors are where you cut a page to remove the top or bottom section, or fold/ cut vertically so you have a double page spread with a partial page in the middle. This allows you to fit more space in your weekly spread if you find just the two pages are not enough. Or if, in my case, you have tried the bingo format and don't want the distraction of the lines showing through on to your main pages.

A Pinterest find

You aren't limited to how many pages you use either so if you need a couple of cropped down sections then that's totally doable. As you can see below, some people use washi tape to help distinguish the pages from each other.

From productiveandpretty

As mentioned in my previous post on weekly spreads, I do like to chop and change things, especially as I'm so new to bullet journaling, and I have a feeling that Dutch doors will come in handy on those weeks which are really busy.

From @alexandra_plans on Instagram

And they will give me an excuse to use up some washi tape . . .

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