Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Flip Books

My investigations into the modern world of snail mail continues! I wrote about my discovery of fold and mail yesterday, and how that led on to a happy new experiment with papercraft. The next discovery I want to share with you?

The snail mail flip book. 

It's in the same stationery family as fold & mail but it goes a step beyond. This isn't just about letters. It's about sending other things too.

From @paper_sweetpea on Instagram

There are pockets for stickers, teabags, post-it notes, vouchers, stamps, crafty bits - anything that you can get in the assorted pockets that litter a flip book and still get it sealed shut for posting. Instagram (as you can see from where I've found the majority of exmples for this post) is a bustling hive of snail mail sharing with some very dedicated creators and followers.

From @prettylittlethings_fr on Instagram

As well as sending little bits and pieces in flip books you can also decorate them with quotes that appeal to you, little recipes, lists of things to do, books to read, challenges to undertake in the upcoming week or month. In amongst it all there's often a letter as well, enclosed in an envelope within the main envelope.

Found on Pinterest

Do you love scrapbooking? Do you have stacks of stationery - stickers, paper, card, washi tape - that you want to use? Do you have a child or two in the house who loathes writing thank you letters after birthdays and Christmas but might engage with it if given the opportunity to make something like this? Are you an adult whose life seems lacking in colour and creativity and you want an excuse to indulge in both? The snail mail flip book could be for you!

From @love_cat_xo on Instagram

I haven't tried to make a flip book. Yet. I have so many other projects and ideas on the go but I feel it is just a matter of time.

The plus points to me discovering flip books:
I have books and magazines set aside for collage, and I could use bits and pieces from this for these kind of snail mail options. Washi tape is a major material in the construction element of these little books and I have a few rolls of that to use up...

The negative:
All those packs of decorated card and paper and decoupage kits that I've been able to avoid buying because I couldn't think of what to do with them now have a tantalising purpose. Oh dear. Much as I want to believe I am a minimalist at heart the part of me that compulsively creates is having none of it.

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