Friday, 17 March 2017

Something New: Embroidering on Printed Fabric

Next crafty item out of the jar of ideas? Embroidering on printed fabric!

It's pretty self-explanatory. You take a piece of fabric (I have dozens and dozens to pick from!) and embroider within and around the existing pattern.

On Pinterest, from the RaddishBlossoms blog

You can work with what is already there (see below) or add colour where there isn't any (see above).

From The Curiosity Project

You can pick colours that are nearly identical to the fabric pattern you are using so that it takes the person looking a couple of seconds to realise something has been added. Alternatively, you can opt for a contrasting fabric to draw the eye immediately to the embellishment.

From Upcyclist

Some people even incorporate this into English paper piecing (EPP), which I will definitely be trying. Is it better in this situation to do the embroidery and then sew the embellished piece into an EPP pattern, or is it advisable to complete the EPP and add the extras in at the end? Give me a week and I will have an answer for you.

From Needle's Eye Stories

Current ideas?
👉 I like the contrasting idea very much though I'm not sure what fabric I could use that with at present. I have some black/white/grey tone prints and like the idea of sparking them up with a rich red or vivid blue. 
👉 I am also planning on using gold or copper thread to pick out similar metallic shades in one or two prints I have. 
👉 I have a few prints which feature retro ladies so perhaps embroidering the dress/hat/glove details?

I'll feedback what I get up to.

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