Monday, 20 March 2017

The Final 40

Following on from my previous post, this is my final list of 40 before 40.

If I aim for about 3-4 a month, it's an achievable set of goals.

1)        Take an IQ test
2)        Try almond milk
3)        Upgrade to a better camera
4)        Go to a live poetry/ short story event 
5)        Have a week of vegetarian food
6)        Watch a sunrise
7)        Colour part or all of my hair an unusual colour
8)        Go flat in public
9)        Get a pedicure
10)    Really really refine the wardrobe!
11)    Put a fairy/gnome door up in the park
12)    BBQ on a beach
13)    Ride a horse again
14)    Long weekend to Brighton
15)    Have a caricature drawn
16)    Time in silence
17)    Have hair styled victory rolls
18)    Have something I have made exhibited in a public space
19)    Go to a beer festival
20)    Learn how to apply red lipstick
21)    Laser quest
22)    Climbing wall
23)    Riding on a segway
24)    Melt marshmallows over an open fire
25)    Act of craftivism
26)    Bake a Victoria sponge
27)    Attend a religious festival – not a Christian one though
28)    Go to a madhatter’s themed tea party
29)    Have a go at making churros
30)    Take a trip to Minsmere bird reserve and get some good photos
31)    Visit a cat cafe
32)    Take a driving test
33)    Learn the Alpha/Bravo phonetic alphabet
34)    Trip to see the northern lights
35)    Visit a royal house in England
36)    Learn to use a Dremel
37)    Visit an observatory
38)    Feed a lemur
39)    Have a go at postcrossing –
40)    Make a fruit curd

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