Saturday, 22 April 2017

3 and a half out of 40

Progress on my 40 before 40 post:

Have something I have made exhibited in a public space

My piece is Number 7

In March I took part in a collage workshop, not realising that the finished piece would end up being exhibited, so this turned out to be an easy win! An article on the workshop ended up in my local paper - you can check out the article if you so wish.

I didn't take a proper picture of it, so here's a partial snapshot. I was going for a feminist statement, and using women with big hair for part of it. 

Attend a religious festival 

A celebration of the Holi festival was held at my local park in April. Otherwise known as the festival of colours, I was looking forward to taking part in it. The experience itself left me with mixes emotions. Those few moments of flinging the coloured powder about were definitely exhilarating. The queuing beforehand not so much. I had read up on the festival and knew that it was about the victory of good over evil and a celebration of spring amongst other things. I was considering this while waiting to get to the tents where volunteers were handing out the colours. I'm not sure my fellow queuers were. There were mutterings of how 'the powder would run out' by the time we got there. There were complaints that people who had obviously already had and flung powder were queuing again to have another go. Angry mutterings rippled along the people assembled as it became clear that a group of kids were asking people at the front to be 'let in' so they could have another go without joining the very end of the large queue. So I didn't get the feeling of good conquering evil as I queued, or the delights of spring - I got instead the English attitude to The Correct Use of Queues, How People Shouldn't Be Greedy and Fun Should Not Be Had In Excessive Measure.

There were pockets of colour flinging rather than one great moment of abandon when everyone went crazy. As people left the tents with their powder I could see puffs of pink, red, blue and green rising in the air. I doubt the colour-flinging ever ended up with more than maybe 50 people all flinging at once. I would have preferred to be in the situation where there was a better way of handing out the colours and we were told to wait for a sign. I'd like to take part in the Holi festival again but won't do it locally - I'll keep an eye out for bigger festivals

Have a go at Postcrossing

Inspired by Teach, Marry, Avoid's post on her experiences with Postcrossing, I signed up to this at the end of March and have thus far been given 5 addresses to send postcards out to. When someone asked me to describe what Postcrossing was about, I summed it up as 'getting something nice in the post along with the bills and the junk you can't avoid'. There's also the element of connection with someone hundreds/ thousands of miles away.

I have to be honest though, I am unlikely to continue for much longer with Postcrossing. Three of the postcards I have sent have been reported as received so that's good, and I have had one sent to me from America. I realised in doing the postcards that I was hungry to have that connection with other people in other place and other lives - but that one small piece of card was not enough. I don't regret doing it because it has opened up other opportunities in the snailmail arena and I'm now writing letters to people in other parts of the world. 

The Alpha/Bravo phonetic alphabet
A work in progress . . .

How much of the phonetic alphabet I know off the top of my head now:
Alphe, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, Foxrot, G?????, H??????, India, J????, K?????, Lima, M?????, N?????, Oscar, Papa, Q?????, Romeo, Sierra, Tango, U????, V????, Whiskey, X-Ray, Yankee, Z?????

Over half assigned to memory. Now to work on the rest.

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