Tuesday, 25 April 2017

An Inside Job

From Living at Home

While the majority of the letters I write at the moment go out in my own home-made envelopes, there will come a time when I use a traditional shop-made envelope again. Writing packs are such strangely put together things to me - usually averaging 10 sheets of writing paper and then 10 envelopes, which makes no sense as the minimum a letter should be is 2 pages, preferably 3, so you're going to end up with leftover envelopes. You can't throw these away but what to do if you still want to personalise them somehow?

I'm sure you can tell from the pictures on this post what my answer to that question is.

Inserts. The more random the better.

From Decorator's Notebook

You can make your own patterned envelope lining to add a bit of spice and individuality to your missive. 

I was given a large A3 pad of finance-style paper a while back when someone had a clear out, and it hadn't occurred to me to make envelopes out of it until I saw the picture below. An excuse to use up some paper that might otherwise sit in a corner of the room gathering dust, and also play around with colour too.

From The Pink Couch

What I'm most tempted to do is put my collage cutting skills to use and use random cut-out images that will be seen on opening, as featured at the top and bottom of this post. 

You can over-egg the upcycled envelope pudding, so this insert addition isn't something I'd do with a standard upcycled envelope from a book or similar. For a plain Jane envelope though, it's that extra bit of fun that makes snailmail that much better to send and receive.

Another from Living at Home - because I'm a mad cat lady :)


  1. Oh I love the peeking out of the envelope ones!! Brilliant ideas as ever!!

    1. I haven't used it as much as I'd like - must remember to!