Monday, 3 April 2017

Envelope Art

Unlike fold & mail and flip books, envelope art is something I came across a few months ago. I've even had a tinker with it, mainly with a collage-esque approach where I've cut out a head and shoulders block of a person/ animal and put the address details in a speech or daydream bubble next to it. Not very advanced. And there are some very advanced envelope mail artists out there!

From Allison and Busby

There are so many examples on the internet but a lot of them don't have personal addresses blurred out and even though I found them in the public internet arena I'm uncomfortable sharing them. Have a look at Pinterest if you want to see more.

A lot of the envelope art I come across is beyond my skill level but that doesn't stop me from enjoying all the examples out there. How to explain why it makes me so happy? Well, I just think we live in a world where creativity and colour are seen as sideline things. I believe they are vitally important and where people are denied the right to imagination and expression it stultifies the soul. 

From @geniarusina on Instagram

We are encouraged not to have to think for ourselves or make things ourselves. Want to give someone a card? Buy one. Want to wrap a present? Get wrapping paper from a shop. I don't think I'm explaining this very well at all but when I create a card or embellish an envelope with something unexpected or send a letter which has random things added to it - I've introduced colour and creativity into my life. And I'm sharing it with other people. Whether those people will entirely appreciate it is perhaps another matter . . . 😊

Some collage action from
For the Love of Cats

I'm currently on a printing course which has introduced me to the amazing world of lino and relief printing. Some people use this to create templates to spice up their envelopes and that is one of the things I'd like to have a go at for days when I don't have the creativity to make a specific collage for an envelope and zero oomph for drawing. 

From Dans ma petite roulotte

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