Saturday, 29 April 2017

Favourite April Photos

A native ladybird or an Evil Invading ladybird? Not sure, but loved
the contrast of colours with this pic

It's not always possible to get a good background with some photos -
the sky was obliging with this one, a grey cloudy day

Enhanced post-production . . . I wanted to emphasise the texture
of the leaf in a way the standard photo wasn't picking up

I took lots and lots of dandelion pictures this April - have limited
myself to two dandelion related ones on this post!

Playing around with focus - want to get more experience of blurring
elements of my photos

Not a 'good' photo per se but was so stoked to catch two bees in
one shot by completed accident

This one was taken in bright light but the texture of it makes it
look to me almost like it was taken underwater, the centre of the
flower appearing more like a sea anemone of some kind.

Gratuitous green shield bug . . .

Another photo which doesn't really show much in the way of technical
skill but I thought this little guy was so cute

Such amazing colours, brought out by the neutral background

The second dandelion photo, a seed suspended on goose grass

More playing with focus and light

I just love this photo

Took loads of pictures of this rhododendron - the aim was to get
the stamen in clear focus and blur the rest of the flower. This was
as close as I got to achieving that

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