Sunday, 30 April 2017

Something New: Button Embroidery

Practical me: You have a lot of projects on the go. Let's take advantage of some of the Bank Holiday and see if any progress can be made -

Creative me: I want to try something new! Let's use the extra time for new stuff!

Practical me: I really feel that you should focus-

Creative me: Too late! The jar of ideas has spoken!

Practical me: Sigh . . .

From Craftster.

I don't know if this has a specific name so I'm calling it button embroidery. I have a box of buttons and have recently been given another pot by a co-worker so it would be no bad thing to put a few of them to use. I am quite lucky in that I don't have the lust for buttons that many crafters do so while I pick up a few here and there throughout the year my stock is mainly made up of gifted items and it's an area I can successfully exercise spending control. Yay me!

From Feeling Stitchy. I imagine this is a design that took Serious
Planning. I won't be attempting something this meticulous just yet.

Why is this idea in my something new jar? Well, it's a means of adding extra texture to an embroidered image, giving an effect that thread alone might not achieve. It can also be a means of giving a focus to the embroidery so the sewing becomes structured by whatever buttons you are choosing to use.

I'm looking to do a couple of small-scale pieces that I could put on a card or maybe a gift tag so that I do use what I make. 

From Hodgepodgefarm. So very beautiful, an
excellent way of making an item of clothing or
a bag uniquely yours.

There's some inspiring pics on the interwebs of how people have used button embroidery to enhance their clothes, as with the image above, and I like how this links in with my interests in upcycling and craftivism.

As with everything in my something new jar, I want to see if this is an area of craft that clicks with me and I want to explore more, or if just a taster is enough and I can move on to other ideas. This is the thing about being a creative and a crafter. You are always looking to learn new skills, add another string to your bow. 

From Pinterest. The more observant of you will note that
this is a combined button and bead effort.

Current ideas for button embroidery pieces:
💝 I have lots of small white buttons, taken from shirts etc, so something involving them in a dandelion seed head design perhaps? As I'm taking so many dandelion pics at the moment . . .
💝 I'd also like to use some of my small, bright, colourful buttons as baubles on a Christmas tree.
💝 I have metallic buttons in my collection - could I dream up a steampunk style piece? 

Amy Brickman using mother of pearl buttons in a monochrome
design - love the little dog button off on the right hand side.

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