Monday, 17 April 2017

Stationery and the Tiny Home

It's been about three months since my last Dream Tiny Home post - time for another!

I love stationery. I buy notebooks when I don't need them, and recently got given lots of different types of pens and pencils for my birthday as I couldn't think of anything else to ask for. I get at least two novelty packs of post-its as a gift each Christmas and usually another for my birthday. I pick up stickers on sale and am powerless before the tractor beam of Paperchase. I've recently started making my own envelopes out of old books and calendars (tutorial here if you fancy having a go yourself) and thus my washi tape collection has expanded to actually become a collection rather than a pack of three tapes bought on a whim a year ago.

Dare you take the stationery addict test?
(I got teetering on the edge of out of control...)

I joke about being a stationery addict but if I'm honest I'm uncomfortable with the amount I have. While random accumulation may be part of my Western consumerist programming I do feel a certain amount of unease about it. Part of the reason why I daydream of one day having a tiny home is that the limit of space would mean I couldn't buy excessive amounts of stationery just for the hell of it. Any item I brought over the threshold would have to have a purpose. It couldn't just be something I put in a drawer because there wouldn't be an impulse-buy drawer in the house.

So what would my stationery collection look like in my dream tiny home?

Well, for starters, it would all fit in a writing desk bureau, like the one pictured below. I love this kind of thing, and have covetous eyes on my mum's bureau. My aunt does too and though I may have a couple of decades of youth on her she was in the Royal Navy and could no doubt snap me like a twig so it's not a foregone conclusion that Great Uncle Gerald's writing desk will end up in my hands one day. 

Edwardian writing bureau, found here - not keen on
the coasters on the feet of this model but otherwise
think it's gorgeous!

In a tiny house, this would be a lovely self-contained piece of furniture, a place to sit and write letters and cards, do my finances, scribble to-do lists - and, of course, house my stationery.

Not a lot of space, is there? I find that so appealing! Space for a couple of good quality fountain pens, a few good biros and pencils, a frivolous pack of felt tips and highlighters - pastel, please. I'd have one or two pads of letter writing paper, a modest stash of home-made (and boring shop-bought) envelopes, my bullet journal, a few rolls of washi tape to be replaced only when used up, a roll of address labels, one or two packs of novely stickers for adding to letters/ sealing envelopes, a pot of paperclips, a mini notepad for shopping lists and an A5 and an A4 notebook for emergency scribbles. One pack of post-its would round off the collection.

I think there'd be room in my tiny house stationery collection for a
steampunk fountain pen . . . :)

Another benefit of having it all stored in one place would be I could always (theoretically) find what I was looking for! If I recalled writing down a genius idea for something there would be a couple of notebooks to look through, not a possible drawer full of pads to flick through once, and then twice because I couldn't find it the first time and realised I had to take a slower look through all those pages. 

I've tried to find some examples from people living in tiny homes about how they prioritise and choose their stationery but as so many tiny homes are stationary I found lots of suggested posts but nothing dealing with what I actually wanted to read about. Doing a search on minimalists and stationery also didn't yield the kind of articles or posts I wanted - it mainly drew up vastly over-priced stationery with a minimalist look to it.

And let's be clear here. I might dream about a minimal stationery collection but it would still be as colourful as unicorn poop with patterns all over the place!

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