Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Favourite May photos

It's been all about the colour for me this month, what with the mild weather and lovely sunshine bringing the flowers out in such profusion. 

Pleased that I managed to get the light just right here so that the
edges of the petals just seem to dissolve away

Giant poppies are amongst my favourite of all flowers. The anther
here look like a fluffy feather boa to me

My favourite picture of the month, all that beautiful colour

Those experienced phorographers may look askance at this as the
light exposure is a tad too bright but actually this is what I wanted
so the centre of the flower almost appears to be glowing

A standard sized poppy, magnified by the power of macro

Is it just me or does this style and stigma combo look a tad on
the raunchy side?

The best photo of a ladybird I have ever taken

Looking upwards through a tree, trying to capture all the diffrent
textures of the various lichens and so on clustering on the branches

On the morning this was taken there had been heavy rain the night
before and I wanted to get the contrast of the sleak water droplets
and the texture of the rose petal

Another rose - this one a much smaller variety, petal after petal

An iris, looking like something you would find in a tropical fish tank

Playing with light and shadow on a rose. Yes, the big shadow in the
bottom right hand corner is me. Wish I had noticed this before taking
the picture and moved to get rid of it.

For this one, I wanted to capture as many flower heads as possible
while having the centre of one on display in the foreground.

A pansy that looks like it is sticking it's tongue out :)

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  1. These are gorgeous Rachel, you have a real eye for detail!