Monday, 29 May 2017

Gettin' my button on

A catch up on my most recent Something New post . . .

The tree
I used a very simple stitch, as you can see. I didn't want the buttons to line up exactly with the branches, as I liked the idea of tinkering with the non-perfect look. This piece will end up on a christmas card, methinks.

The dandelion
I got a bit more adventurous with my stitches for this one. I used the simple stitch radiating outward from the top of the stem, and for the seeds I used what I think is called a Lazy Daisy stitch to get a loop effect. For the stem itself I wanted to have more texture so it was thicker and chunkier so did a back stitch border on each side then wove the thread over and under between the stitches on either side. The nearest thing I can find to it online is a Picot Stitch but that still isn't exactly what I did, though the texture is quite similar.

I'd also hoped to do something with button embroidery on a steampunk theme but it was not a success. I used metallic threads and discovered they were a PIG to sew with. I could post a picture but I'm sure your imagination is more than capable of picturing a tangled, sparkly mess.

Would I recommend button embroidery to others? Yes, definitely. But not with metallic thread if you are a beginner!

It's an easy craft to suit people new to stitching and more experienced crafters alike. You can make big pieces if you want but it's also perfect for creating small card or scrapbook embellishments. Have an item of clothing or a plain bag you want to pep up with a button flower or two? Go for it! Have a spare couple of hours with a child who wants to make something and is old enough to be trusted with a needle? This is something you could easily to.

Tempted to have a go?

You will need:
The basics
Embroidery thread/s
Fabric to sew on to, preferably something with very little stretch

Optional extras
Embroidery hoop for keeping fabric taut while working on it
Notepad and pencil for scribbling down ideas and designs

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