Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sayonara, Reading Challenge

I am bang on target for completing my 2017 reading challenge. In fact, I'm a book or two ahead of myself.

And I've decided to give it a miss.

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I'm at the stage I got to with my other reading challenge (2014? 2015?) which I had forgotten when I started anew in January, and now clearly recall. Each time I pick up a new book, I check to see if it fits the criteria of the challenge. The last few weeks, the majority of stuff I've been tempted by hasn't been something I could crowbar into the conditions. And I'm starting to get resentful about it. It's the resentment I'd forgotten. That feeling that I'm an adult and should be able to read whatever I want without it ticking specific boxes.

The challenge has also led to a bit of book hoarding. Not that long ago I purged my bookshelves and found the resultant freeing up of choice exhilarating. In recent months I have been acquiring books I think would knock off another number from the list of 52, not necessarily because I want heart and soul to read them but because they would do. There may be lots of flippant quote out there like 'I don't have too many books; I have too few bookshelves' and 'there's no such thing as too many books' but if I don't have the time to read them or the space to store them then they represent a kind of pressure to me.

So, sayonara reading challenge. 

I've read some good books as part of the process but I have a feeling I would have gravitated to a number of them without the challenge there as an excuse to pick them up.

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