Friday, 5 May 2017

Self-Care Wheel

I've posted about the Wheel of Life template before and I came across something new this week courtesy of Pinterest that really appealed to me.

The Self-Care Wheel.

You can get a PDF version here from Olga Phoenix

The name is self-explanatory. There are a few different types available to find on the interwebs but I like the ones with no more than 6 sections. From a personal point of view, I think having a limit to the areas to focus on means that you are more likely to fit that self-care in. Too many ideas and you might run the risk of being overwhelmed and not doing any self-care.

Link to PDF here

I'm going to sit down over the weekend and have a go at putting together my own self-care wheel. We all have nebulous ideas about things to do that benefit us in the long run. I really like the idea of focusing them all in one place so in moments when I might be feeling down or aimless or just have a spare slot of time I don't know what to do with I can go through some ideas and put them in to practice.

And I will of course store my SCW in my bullet journal 👍.

Tempted to have a go at creating your own SCW but not sure where to start with ideas? You can check out this article on Tiny Buddha to get you started, or have a read through this list of 134 self-care activity ideas from Hungry for more ideas after that? Go to Pinterest and search self-care list and you will come up with oodles of stuff. 

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