Thursday, 11 May 2017


A round-up of snailmail I've sent out into the world in recent weeks, just because I'd like to keep a record somewhere of things I've sent.

Anne Stokes artwork from 50p on-sale calendar in the Works, and
dessert from a 70s pudding book

Postcard picked up from a shop in Colchester; printed envelope with
matching stationery from my father-in-law

Another retro pudding - what says style more than
cakey fingers stuck in some kind of creamy concoction, like
an up-market 99 ice cream?

Birds from a desert wildlife book; Daleks from a Doctor Who annual
picked up for 30p in a charity shop. Yep, another grotesque pudding . . .

Doctor Who and Amy Pond (from above mentioned DW annual)
and some chocolate pudding. Mmmm. Chocolate pudding.

More 70s culinary wonders! Those strange brain-like raspberries are
obvious of the tinned variety, and that melon cut into a fruit cocktail
bowl is a bit on the sloppy side.

I hope everyone who received them enjoyed getting a bit of colour (and weirdness) in their mailbox.

Fancy having a go at making some random envelopes yourself? Check out my tutorial here.

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